Get all the benefits of CBD while boosting your immune system and supporting your gut health.

Pronounced "You Be You", UbU Hemp Tonics combine organic full-spectrum CBD with the prebiotic-rich Baobab superfruit, one of the world's most amazing adaptogens.

Clean, sustainable, with NO sugar, sweeteners or caffeine, UbU is your refreshing, mindful ritual that gives you more of what you need every day, so you can balance your body, ease your mind and be your best self.

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What Makes UbU Better Than Other CBD Beverages?

Hemp CBD Beverage Hemp CBD Beverage

1 / More health benefits
Unlike CBD waters or sodas, UbU has the added benefits of adaptogens like the Baobab superfruit, providing prebiotics and antioxidants in every bottle.

2 / Better CBD
UbU contains Full-Spectrum Organic hemp extract, not CBD isolate or "broad spectrum" like most other brands, so you get all the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes working in synergy for maximum benefits (aka Entourage Effect).

3 / More CBD per serving
UbU delivers 25mg of CBD per bottle, more than most other beverages.

4 / Healthier ingredients 
UbU is only 5 calories and has NO Sugar, NO Sweeteners, NO Caffeine or Preservatives.

5 / Earth-friendly packaging
From our sustainable glass bottles to our recycled shipping boxes, UbU is as plastic-free as can be.

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What People Are Saying

"I drink a UbU Hemp Tonic every day. It helps relieve my arthritis pain."
Nancy P., Colorado
"I drink a bottle before stressful meetings. It really takes the edge off."
David O., Nevada
"My husband and I are obsessed with the flavor and we love the health benefits."
Luz C., California
"Best post-yoga drink ever. I call it my Savasana in a bottle."
Jennifer M., California

"It gives you the feel of drinking a soda or even a beer with the added benefit of feeling very relaxed and having extra nutrients in there to just help you in general. Not just the CBD."
Shanna R., California
"I really like the slight tinge of hemp. You know you're getting the real thing."

Michael S., New York
"They're great as cocktail mixers. The Citrus & Ginger flavor makes an awesome Moscow Mule."

Brandon K., California

UbU Hemp Tonic UbU Hemp Tonic

7 Simple Ingredients

/  Purified Sparkling Water
25mg Full-Spectrum Hemp* CBD
Baobab Superfruit*
/  Agave Inulin*
/  Vitamins B3 & B12
/  Natural Aromas*
/  Sea Salt


Sugar / Sweeteners / Caffeine / Preservatives / THC (less than 0.3%) / Plastic Bottles

Only 5 calories / Organic / Non-GMO / Gluten-Free / Vegan / Sustainably bottled in the USA

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Full Spectrum CBD Full Spectrum CBD

Lab Tested
Hemp CBD

While some use it to manage anxiety, pain or inflammation, others simply consume CBD as a plant-based nutrient to optimize balance and enhance their quality of life.

We've partnered with Vitalibis, a leader in organic hemp extracts, to infuse UbU with their premium full-spectrum CBD, developed using a proprietary process that retains more of the benefits versus what's available from solvent or CO2 extraction.

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Discover the Baobab, aka The Tree of Life

With its extremely high antioxidant profile and unique combination of vitamins and  minerals, the Baobab superfruit is a highly effective adaptogen able to decrease the level of stress, anxiety and fatigue. Rich in prebiotic dietary fiber, Boabab has been scientifically proven to promote digestive health and regulate blood sugar. 

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Baobab fruit Baobab fruit

UbU Cares About the Planet

Over 90% of plastic bottles end up in oceans and landfills, destroying wildlife and polluting our environment. UbU says no to plastic by using sustainable glass bottles, aluminum caps and recycled cardboard shipping boxes. Even our labels are Forest Stewardship Certified.

/ Watch Plastic Seas, a film by Jeneene Chatowsky, to learn more on the connection between plastic, the ocean and human health, and how you can make a difference.

UbU Cares About Communities

We source our ingredients sustainably and ethically, ensuring fair trade and conservation practices. Using natural harvesting methods that protect the habitat, our organically certified baobab benefits the indigenous communities of some of the poorest people in Africa, enabling them to provide for their families and improve their livelihood.

/ Meet Annah, one of many women who's lives were transformed by the baobab, in a film by Sarah Venter.