The Most Romantic Things to Do in Los Angeles The Most Romantic Things to Do in Los Angeles

The Most Romantic Things to Do in Los Angeles

The Most Romantic Things to Do in Los Angeles The Most Romantic Things to Do in Los Angeles

by Ariane Resnick, CNC


Rekindling Romance in The City of Angels

No city is more equipped to help you relight the fire in your love life like Los Angeles, known for its perfectly serene weather and gorgeous views. From picturesque beaches to private sunset tours and dining at a small version of Paris, LA has date activities for every type of couple. Read on for recommendations that will accommodate you no matter your mood or budget.


When You Want to Keep It Casual

You may want to up your romance quotient without taking out your ponytail or getting out of your leggings. If so, try these casual yet romantic date ideas:

  • Take in a movie at a drive-in. Los Angeles has a host of drive-in movie theaters, where you can enjoy the art our city is known for without ever having to get out of your car.
  • Hit the beach. Every coastal town has one or more, and the sunsets over them make for some of the most romantic views in Los Angeles. Branch out from the usual Santa Monica Pier and hit up a secluded spot in Malibu or Redondo beach.
  • Your pants may get a little water splashed on them when you pedal a boat in Echo Park Lake. Swan boats rent hourly from 9 am to sunset.


When You Both Love Food

If you think nothing says “love” like a decadent meal, these spots make for a great romantic LA date:

  • The outdoor seating at Cliff's Edge is some of the prettiest in the city, and you aren't limited to dinner; this romantic LA restaurant offers brunch as well.
  • Cozy and dimly lit, Elf Cafe is a vegetarian restaurant with a menu rich enough to satiate any carnivore. Their menu is Moroccan inspired and their wine program features natural and biodynamic wines.
  • Can't get to Paris? Enjoy the next best thing in Los Angeles at Le Petit Paris. The 300-seat space in Downtown LA's El Dorado building is lovely inside and out.


When Money Is No Object

When a paycheck is burning a hole in your pocket, the list of romantic things to do in LA knows no bounds. Here are a few high-priced adventures:

  • Two and a half hours and nine courses are on the menu at Maude, Curtis Stone's Beverly Hills restaurant with a prix fixe seasonal menu. No children under age 10 are allowed—ensuring a romantic atmosphere—and the restaurant has received numerous awards.
  • Want to see that gorgeous LA sunset up close? Book a private helicopter sunset ride with a service such as Orbic Air, which gives you the option of recording your romantic tour on video.
  • Pamper one another—or have strangers do the dirty work—at a fancy spa like the Ritz-Carlton. In typical Cali spirit, they even have a selection of CBD-enhanced treatments.


When You Need Something New

If you and your partner are more the silly sorts, these Los Angeles date ideas might work best for you:

  • Escape rooms are popular throughout LA, but Escape Room LA is a top choice with its five different game rooms.
  • Laugh off your troubles at a comedy club. Many famous actors and comedians got their starts at local LA haunts such as The Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory.
  • For those who enjoy booze and learning new things, many Los Angeles distilleries offer What's better to rekindle your romance than sips of freshly made spirits?



Ariane Resnick is a special diet chef, certified nutritionist, and bestselling author. She has been featured in media such as Forbes, CBS’s “The Doctors,” and Huffington Post, and her private clientele includes celebrities such as P!nk.